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Helping adjunct professors create 

dynamic classes that students love and remember.
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Luan Alimi

Project Manager for New Restaurant Openings at Portillo's Restaurants Illinois 

Tatiana has very good content. She makes our classes easy to follow along and keeps our time together very interactive. She listen very well, approaches me as an individual and makes me feel comfortable - especially when I don’t understand something. I enjoy our meetings. 


Tatiana serves as an engaging content creator and adjunct professor specializing in public speaking and leadership. Her transformative approach to personal and professional development encourages participants to bid farewell to their comfort zones, mundane content, and embrace classes that are both meaningful and memorable.


Professional Credentials:

  • Over four years of experience in higher education, commencing in 2017.

  • Holds a Certification in Online Teaching and Learning from Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies.

  • Completed "The Science of Successful Learning: Faculty Learning Community" at Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies.

  • Recognized as a Kahoot! Academy Verified Educator.

  • Proud recipient of the 2023 Lecturer of the Year Teaching Award.

Tatiana Rodriguez?

Who is


Speaker | Leader | Content Creator

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Tech Tools for Teaching: Revolutionizing Your College Classroom Experience
Mastering Focus: 4 Tools to Transform Your Teaching Productivity
12 Easy to Learn Digital Teaching Tools for Adjunct Professors
Digital Teaching Tools: Trello (#1 of 12)
Digital Teaching Tools: Google Sites (#2 of 12)
Digital Teaching Tools: Google Sheets (#3 of 12)
Digital Teaching Tools: Miro Whiteboard (# 5 of 12)
Digital Teaching Tools: Random List Generator (# 6 of 12)

What Tatiana Brings to your event

Tatiana offers a range of speaking engagements tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization, school, or event:


Leadership and Communication:

Explore effective leadership and communication strategies to inspire and empower your team or students.

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Educational Empowerment:

Discover innovative approaches to teaching and learning, enhancing the educational experience for both educators and students.


Personal Development:

Motivate your audience to step outside their comfort zones, embrace challenges, and embark on a journey of personal growth.

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Testimonial Sharon Maloney.jpeg

Food Safety and Quality Manager

Sharon Maloney

A co-worker on Portillo’s leadership team highly recommended Tatiana as a communication coach. I have been a lifelong trainer in-person, but I needed to expand into digital media to expand my reach. During the pre-callwith Tatiana, she conducted a very thorough assessment interview. This was a time saver that enabled her to weave my goals with her program.


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