My guess is that you are the kind of person that also values making meaningful contributions and that you're here because you want to improve your communication skills. You have a message to share with an audience, an organization, or a team and you want more confidence when you deliver it. But something is holding you back. Nerves, fear, limiting self beliefs or lack of experience.

You've come to the right place. I can help you on your journey to move beyond what's holding you back and step into what's you'll share with your voice. I'll help you: 

  1. Engage your audience in fun, creative and interactive ways that have purpose. 

  2. Speak with confidence, strength, warmth and relatability. 

  3. Structure your message so that your audience can understand it and enjoy it.



"Tatiana had a great speaking voice and you can tell that she is enthusiastic about the topics, making her more engaging to listen to. I appreciate the opportunity for this type of self-awareness and learning in something that is so important to my job and my career."

Anonymous Review (ContinuEd Online Training)

"Probably my favorite professor at Rutgers. She truly cares about her students, and every single student in her class has very clearly benefited from her teaching. I recommend everyone to take her class!"

Anonymous (Rate My Professor)

"Professor Rodriguez is an OUTSTANDING Public Speaking professor. She is very helpful and a personable professor. She will push you to be a better speaker than you were at the beginning of the semester. Although you have to work hard for the A, she makes you WANT to work hard. I definitely choose to take her if you are taking public speaking!"

Anonymous (Rate My Professor)

"She is very passionate about her work and creates a super comfortable environment in class. Hands down, one of the best classes I've taken and my favorite professor on campus. You're going to need to put in work if you want that A, but she makes the work enjoyable."

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