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As an adjunct professor myself, I can relate to the opportunities and challenges of teaching in higher education. I bet we have a few things in common. Let me guess:
You’re a lifelong learner.
You know that education unlocks so many doors. From fulfilling career paths and inner satisfaction to creating deeper connections, you understand that knowledge is the key.

💙 You truly care about students.  
I do too! In fact, no other work has ever felt as meaningful to me as teaching.
You have a creative spark.
I get it. Increasing the engagement and memorability of your courses through active learning methods helps set your students up for success.

You want an engaging learning experience.
Everyone should enjoy your classes, including you! Creating a healthy environment where the questions are just as important as the answers makes the classroom an amazing place to be.

You want to meet learners where they are.
Whether you’re a nerd like me who loves incorporating insightful tech into lessons or a fan of old-school
enrichment activities, you embrace the learning journey at all levels.   


If any of these sound like you, then you've come to the right place! 

I help you replace irrelevant, forgettable, and boring activities with dynamic content that’s meaningful, memorable, and fun. 

No one can promise that all activities are fun for all students all the time, but you're smart - you already knew that. What I can promise is that you’ll find clever, effective ways to connect with your students, a growing community of passionate educators, and reliable resources to bring your creative classroom vision to life.

HOW do I do that? By helping you: 
Engage students in fun and interactive ways that connect with your objectives
Lead your activities with confidence, warmth, and relatability. 
Use technology and creativity to enhance your courses. 


You can work with me 3 ways:

1. Check out all of my free content on Youtube.

2. Sign up for my live virtual course, The Adjunct Professors Academy (held remotely in January & July)

3. Work with me during one-on-one coaching sessions to help customize your course activities, visual aids, and videos.

Contact me today to learn how we can work together to decrease disengagement and increase active participation in your in-person or virtual classes. 


This channel is coming soon!
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