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This is my story

I'm on a mission to Empower adjunct professors and create classes that are not just educational but downright unforgettable for students.

As an engaging content creator and Adjunct Professor specializing in public speaking and leadership, I've spent over four amazing years in higher education, starting my journey in 2017. I've got a Certification in Online Teaching and Learning from Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies and completed "The Science of Successful Learning: Faculty Learning Community" at Rutgers too. Oh, and I'm proud to be recognized as a Kahoot! Academy Verified Educator and the recipient of the 2023 Lecturer of the Year Teaching Award.


Beyond the professional accolades, what truly defines me is my warm teaching style and the impact I aim to make on both in-person and online audiences. I'm all about having fun, embracing challenges, and encouraging everyone to step outside their comfort zones.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, USA, I share my knowledge with the bright minds at Rutgers University in New Jersey. And on a personal note, besides being an educator, I'm also a fantastic cook and a gamer extraordinaire. If you love food and enjoy a game of Taboo, we'll get along just fine!

And because life is more than just work, here are three fun facts about me:

  1. City Explorer: I love navigating new cities on my trusty electric scooter.

  2. Dance Floor Enthusiast: Catch me being one of the first on the dance floor, especially when grooving to tunes by Bruno Mars or House of Pain.

  3. Trips Over Own Feet: Yep, despite all my talents, I have a knack for tripping over my own two feet. It keeps things interesting!

So, if you're ready to learn, have some fun, and maybe share a laugh about life's little stumbles, let's connect!

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