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My own journey began in a household filled with love, but lacking in effective communication.

This early experience sparked a curiosity about better ways to connect with the world so I embarked on a personal quest for knowledge - engaging in countless conversations, devouring self-help books, and enrolling in a multitude of classes.

Two remarkable professors from my own college days at Rutgers University left an unforgettable mark on my education. One who believed in me wholeheartedly and provided continuous encouragement instilled the value of mentorship. The other made learning so enjoyable through engaging strategies that the knowledge remains with me to this very day, and I smile every time I think about that class.

My career has taken me from a hospital administrator to a photography and video solopreneur to a college educator. As an adjunct professor since 2017, I've guided my students along their paths of personal discovery and professional development. Over the years, learners shared that they resonate most with my engaging and genuine approach. Witnessing the positive impact this approach has on their development, I wanted to help fellow educators create similarly dynamic spaces - enter Tatiana Teaches!
I'm committed to helping you use active learning strategies, technology, and classroom belonging to create memorable student-centered experiences. If you've found your way here, it's clear that you share the same dedication to your students. Cheers to that!


Proud Moments:

  • Teaching in higher education since 2017.

  • Certification in Online Teaching and Learning from Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies.

  • Completed "The Science of Successful Learning: Faculty Learning Community" at Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies.

  • Recognized as a Kahoot! Academy Verified Educator.

  • Proud recipient of the 2023 Lecturer of the Year Teaching Award at Rutgers University.


Beyond these, what truly defines me is my warm teaching style and the impact I aim to make on both in-person and online audiences. I'm all about enjoying teaching, incorporating technology, creating a sense of belonging, and encouraging everyone to step outside their comfort zones.

 🇺🇸 Living in Pennsylvania, USA

🪴 Raised in New Jersey, USA

🇨🇷 Born in Costa Rica

Life is more than work, so here are 3 fun facts about me:

  1. 🛴 City Explorer: I love navigating new cities on my trusty electric scooter or e-bike.

  2. 👑 Cooking & Board Games Queen: I'm a fantastic cook and a gamer extraordinaire. If you love food and enjoy a game of Taboo, we'll definitely get along!

  3. 💃🏻 Dance Floor Enthusiast: Catch me being one of the first on the dance floor, especially when it's Bruno Mars playing, but I am clumsy so I often trip over my own two feet 😆.

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