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The Adjunct Professor Academy

The Adjunct Professor Academy (APA) is a unique virtual workshop where adjunct professors participate in enriching activities and discussions that help:


- Infuse lesson plans with active learning strategies.

- Create community with other educators.

- Get a head start on building a welcoming and memorable space (online or in-person) where students can thrive.


Each day I will guide you through actionable steps to design active learning strategies customized to your course and students. You will have opportunities to ask questions and receive input from your fellow educators in the room.


Day 1 - Process: Explore the fundamentals of active learning and how using creative engagement strategies will transform your lessons into meaningful, memorable, and fun experiences for you and your students.


Day 2 - Check In (optional): Come and ask questions, try out new ideas, or share a challenge. Think of this as “Office Hours for Educators”.


Day 3 - Plan: Connect the best practices and tips when designing your own active learning strategies (customized for your content and your students) in a supportive group setting.


Day 4 - Check In(optional): Another opportunity to come and ask questions, try out new ideas, or share a challenge during this “Office Hours for Educators”.


Day 5 – Practice: Time to take action! Present your lesson to fellow Extraordinary Educators and gather valuable feedback and insights. You’ll also be inspired by other’s practice sessions.


Mon - Friday July 8-12, 2004

DAY 1: Process. (11:30 am - 2:00 pm ET) 2.5 hours

DAY 2: Check In. (11:30 am - 12:15 pm ET) 45 min

DAY 3: Prepare. (11:30 am - 2:00 pm ET) 2.5 hours

DAY 4: Check In. (11:30 am - 12:15 pm ET) 45 min

DAY 5: Practice. (11:30 am - 2:00 pm ET) 2.5 hours



  • Will sessions be recorded so I can re-visit the content? Yes! You will have access to course materials and recordings

  • Do I have to be there live? Yes. While there are 2 optional check-in sessions, you will get the most value from this workshop when you are present for the 3 lesson days.

  • Do I need to join the 2 check-in sessions? No, these are optional.

  • Do I need to prepare anything before the workshop begins? Having your syllabus with content plans and learning objectives handy would be helpful.

  • How much does the Academy cost? You get all the live sessions, recordings, and materials for $347. Plus you can come to future  Academies at the alumni price of $197. 



Thank you!

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